Info su posizioni PhD nell’ambito del progetto ITN Marie Curie dal titolo NewFrac: il tema centrale della frattura viene applicato a diversi ambiti con metodologia Finite Fracture Mechanics e Phase Field. Segnalata da Pietro Cornetti, Politecnico di Torino.

  1. Call for phd positions within the ITN Marie Curie project NewFrac
  1. Project duration: 1/5/20-30/4/24.
  1. Where: Europe and Israel
  1. Description:

The aim of this 4-year project is to train 13 PhD students in Computational Fracture Mechanics, especially in the development and applications of Finite Fracture Mechanics and Phase Field methods for fracture. The foreseen applications include some key sectors as Energy, Health and Transport, focusing on materials like bones, ceramics, photovoltaics, concrete, glass and on both long and short fibre reinforced composites and their joints. The period for submission of applications for these PhD positions was open on May 1, 2020, and finishes either on May 31 or June 30, 2020 depending on the position. All further details about NEWFRAC project can be found in the attached project flyer and on the project website. The salaries are defined by MSCA early-stage regulations (about €3.100 per month + 600/month mobility allowance + 500/month family allowance if applicable).

  1. Project Coordinator: Vladislav Mantic.
  1. Deadline for application 30/6/2020
  1. Website:

Download: Flyer NewFrac


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