The GBMA award 2022 for the best PhD Thesis in Theoretical and Applied Biomechanics has been awarded to Dr Pierfrancesco Gaziano for the Thesis entitled:

Modelling the failure mechanics of hard biological tissues: continuum damage-based approaches
PhD in Civil Engineering at University of Rome Tor Vergata (supervisor: Giuseppe Vairo)

and ex aequo to Dr Mattia Serpelloni for the Thesis entitled:

The response of endothelial cells to angiogenic stimuli: experiments, modeling and simulations
PhD Programme in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Brescia (supervisor: Alberto Salvadori)

The Thesis works have been presented and awarded during the minisymposium MS02 - Theoretical and Applied Biomechanics organized by GBMA, held at the XXV AIMETA Congress in Palermo on 4-8 September 2022. The Commission wishes to highlight the great value of all the presented Theses and acknowledges the Italian scientific community for the wide participation.